Client Confidentiality at ACTech: Your Secrets are Safe with Us

Jon Cooper

If ACTech had a middle name, it would probably be discretion. We value the trust of every partner we work with and go above and beyond to make sure we keep it.

So, what are you working on?

Nine times out of ten, it’s an innocent question. And we’d love to tell you all about it — truly we would. After all, we’re incredibly proud of the amazing projects we work on with our clients and partners here at ACTech. It can go from the truly impressive to the downright unbelievable from one day to the next. But unfortunately for you, dear reader, we can’t. 

Why so secretive? 

As proud as we are of the work we do, we’re even prouder of the trust our partners place in us. Confidentiality is key in these circles, particularly where prototype casting is concerned, and our lips are sealed. Your secrets are safe with us. 

It’s a secretive business by nature. Our partners invest heavily in every project to break new ground in their industries. Finding - and maintaining - a competitive advantage doesn’t come cheap. Understandably, they don’t want that same competition getting those innovations for free or beating them to the punch. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s a commitment we’re happy to bet our reputation on.

Of course, it’s not a promise we make lightly. We have implemented several concrete measures that help us guarantee confidentiality. Unless you give us explicit permission to share news about anything your project entails, you can rest assured that whatever you say, share, design, or build will stay between us. 

Our TISAX certification

TISAX, or the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, is a European automotive industry-standard information security assessment catalog based on critical elements of data security such as data protection and connection to third parties. This certification proves to our existing and future customers that our information security management system complies with defined security levels. 

Since 2015, we have met the requirements of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), a status confirmed once again in our most recent TISAX audit in March 2021. We also received clearance from Volkswagen, proving that our security standards are high enough to handle their secret and confidential information, components, aggregates, and prototypes. 

Secure data exchange with Cryptshare

Data transfers, particularly of CAD files and other sensitive materials, are a necessary part of the modern workflow. To make sure that this is handled securely in both directions, ACTech uses the latest eIDAS compliant Cryptshare technology on our website, so you can rest assured that whatever you send or receive is kept away from prying eyes. 

A locked doors policy

It’s only natural that you’d like to stay in the loop as your project progresses, and we’re more than happy to meet any of our clients face to face. However, our locked doors policy means that these meetings will never take place in our manufacturing areas. As work is always in progress on multiple projects for various customers, site inspections of production operations or even individual stages of production are not possible. Instead, we’ll arrange an appointment to catch up in a separate area where we can demonstrate the production stages for your prototypes while they are being produced.

Of course, we would never ask our clients to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. This policy even extends to our employees, meaning access to each area is only granted to those who need to be there. It’s not quite Area 51, but it helps us keep your secrets safe. 

But what about the publicity? 

It would be great, of course - who doesn’t enjoy showing off the fruits of their labor? But truthfully, we’re not really ones for the spotlight. Knowing that our clients are satisfied with the results of their projects is all we need. More than that, we know that they rely on us to keep their secrets safe, and that confidentiality will always come first. It’s just one of the reasons they have continued to go all-in with us time and again for the last twenty-six years, and why they’ll continue to do so in the future.

Would you like to learn more about prototype casting, ask for more information about starting a project with ACTech, or dig a little deeper into our data privacy credentials? We'd love to have a conversation.