“all in” at ACTech means: having all, mastering all, giving all, maintaining all. That’s why we have always relied on in-house solutions. All casting and CNC machining processes related to rapid prototyping are carried out in-house, right up to the ready-to-install part. Our “all in” concept is the basis for our practice of controlling all production processes ourselves and for our ability to realise extremely fast cycle times. This makes us more independent, more reliable and faster than others. Ultimately, it is this concept in combination with our experience from more than 25,000 different prototyping projects that convinces our customers to go “all in” with us time and again.

High Speed Workflow

“I need a perfect, ready-to-install prototype, quickly. Preferably yesterday!” However, because our mission never changes, our factory is changing all the time. We undertake regular inspections of new technologies and equipment. We are constantly optimizing our work flows to achieve the highest quality and the best use of time. How and using what methods can we speed up prototype manufacturing? What tools and strategies can we use to further reduce throughput times? How can we best support our customers? …we regularly find answers to questions like these and implement the appropriate solutions. Our effectiveness is another reason our customers keep going “all in” with us. 


To choose the right casting technology we need the following information:

  • Quantity of parts
  • Material specification
  • Necessary tests
  • CNC machining information
  • Desired delivery schedule

Mold design

  • CATIA, ProE, Siemens NX, GeoMagic, 3Devolution, Creo, Magics
  • mold design depending on customers requirements, quantity and used Rapid Prototyping techniques
  • raw part design, adding machining allowance, design of the prepared feeding and gating system
  • define the split lines for mold segmentation and necessary cores, cores fitted with core prints for mold assembly
  • mold segments and cores are fitted with interlocks
  • finally the assembly of the generated mold is checked
  • optimal mixture of different mold production techniques is provided by special software developed by ACTech which taking into consideration the best price/performance ratio


  • requested by customer
  • ANSYS, PROCast
  • FEM (Finite-Elemente-Analyse) analysis simultaneously with design process
  • casting simulations
    • mold filling and solidification simulation
    • prediction of internal stress, deformation and possible casting defects
    • optimization of casting technology
    • determining the pouring setup

Mold manufacturing | Sand casting

  • using 3D-CAD data for manufacturing and quality control:
    • Laser sintering of Croning® material
      • additive manufacturing
      • cores, almost unlimited geometric freedom
    • 3D Printing
      • additive manufacturing
      • 3D furan resin printing for complex cores and mold segments
      • 3D phenolic resin printing for high strength cores
    • DMM® - Direct mold milling
      • mold segments up to 2,400 mm
    • CNC milled pattern
  • compare mold segments and cores with the 3D-CAD data using optical measurement
  • monitor the mold assembly process with tactile and optical measuring technique for tight tolerances
  • data mining for later non- destructive tests and machining setup

Mold manufacturing | Investment casting

  • using 3D-CAD data for manufacturing and quality control
  • controlled cooling and storage of wax positives
  • optical measurement for quality checks
  • technologies:
    • primary model production by laser sintering of polystyrene
    • plaster mold technology
      • using wax or polystyrene models
      • plaster cuvette production by melting the original models
    • ceramic mold technology
      • using wax or polystyrene models
      • ceramic mold production by decanting, sanding and melting of the original models
      • patented drying technology
      • casting of steel and iron is possible


  • aluminum, grey iron, ductile iron, compacted graphite iron, alloyed and high alloyed steel, customer alloys
  • patented Cooling method for mechanical properties comparable to series part characteristics
  • vacuum supported pouring technology for thin wall thicknesses
  • 850kg melting capacity for aluminum
  • 500 kg melting capacity for iron and steel alloys
  • core removal with shock wave technology
  • heat treatment according to requirements

Raw part

  • finish
  • optical measurement vs CAD data set
  • wide range of construction and production welding methods
    • Tungsten inert gas welding
    • Al DC Negative Pole manual welding
    • Manual metal arc welding
    • Cast iron hot welding similar and dissimilar
    • Gas metal arc welding
    • Laser welding
  • complete testing of the customer requirements to the raw part
    • Tightness testing, crack detection, Fluoroscopy
    • X-ray inspection (160kV device, radioscopy)
    • Visual inspection and endoscopy from 2 mm diameter
    • Ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • surface treatment requested by customer

Finished part

  • CAM programming with Tebis and TopSolid
  • VERICUT machining simulation
  • Alignment with live optical measurement raw part data vs 3D-CAD-data
  • complete external machining setup
    • Tool presetter with online data transfer
    • Shuttle table systems
  • CNC machining
    • 5-axis simultaneous technology
    • mill/turn and turn/mill- technology
    • up to 1,500mm table size available
  • In-Process measurement technology
  • Quality testing with 3D coordinate measurement, contour and roughness measurement
  • Tightness testing, Finish and assembly


  • Lead Project Manager
    • Responsible for all internal and external communication
    • Coordinates work of the foundry project managers and the machining project manager
    • Provides technical customer service for key accounts or special projects only
  • Foundry Project Manager
    • Specialized in casting techniques, applications and materials
    • Responsible for raw part production details
  • Machining Project Manager
    • Specialized in applications only, independent of markets or technology
    • Responsible for manufacturing details of machining
  • Live-Tracking for customers

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Data exchange

Our data exchange allows you to conveniently upload data in your personal area or download data provided by us. Important: our tool is not a cloud solution. The data exchanged is fully encrypted using our stand-alone, maximum-security data server located on ACTech premises.

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ACTech GmbH
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ACTech North America Inc.
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ACTech GmbH
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